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【 製品紹介 】
VERN(Vertual Emergency Response Network)
Hazard Review LEADER
Root Cause LEADER

【 重要施設の信頼性解析 】
RISKMANは、定量的なリスク分析を可能にする確率論的安全性評価(PSA: Probabilistic Safety Assessment)ソフトウェアであり、航空宇宙工学、原子力施設、化学薬品製造工場など多くの重要施設・構造物においてその真価を発揮します。

【 主なモジュール 】
RISKMANは、Data Analysis、System Analysis、External Events Analysis、Event Tree Analysis、Important Sequencesという 主に5つのモジュールによって構成されています。

Data Analysis
  1. Provides uncertainty distributions for failure rates and maintenance frequencies and durations. I.E., Provides simple system-specific updates.
  2. Accounts for system-to-system variability in failure rate data using data from multiple systems and expert opinion solicitations.
  3. Quantified common cause failure parameters.
  4. Accommodates any uncertainty distribution shape.
  5. Generates distributions as a function of existing distributions.
System Analysis
  1. Does not require external codes.
  2. Interfaces with CAFTA.
  3. Adds common cause failure basic events and estimation models.
  4. Permits multiple initial system alignments.
  5. Permits user-defined equations for basic event unavailability.
  6. Provides point estimate⁄uncertainty quantification.
  7. Monte Carlo uncertainty propagation techniques.
  8. Provides detailed analysis of contributors by alignment, cutset, and basic event importance.
External Events Analysis
  1. Quantifies seismic event trees.
  2. Determines HCLPF.
  3. Analyzes fire and flood data.
Event Tree Analysis
  1. Links tree modules for external event impacts, support systems, frontline systems, recovery actions, containment phenomena, and accident management.
  2. Develops sequence models from event sequence diagrams and dependency tables.
  3. Provides high visibility to support systems and intersystem dependencies.
  4. Quantifies large event trees quickly.
  5. Does not utilize support state analysis.
  6. Permits any number of branches at each node.
  7. Determines key sequences in minutes.
  8. Permits full sequence-specific recovery analysis.
  9. Performs importance rankings at all levels; i.e., systems, top events, split fractions, alignments, and basic events.
  10. Contains automatic report-writing features.
  11. Computed importance measures include Fussel-Vesely, Risk Achievement, Risk Reduction, Birnbaum, and Fractional Importance.
Important Sequences
  1. Analyzes uncertainty using Monte Carlo simulations.
  2. Analyzes sensitivity. I.E., Makes changes to complete system models.
  3. Permits rapid requantification of important sequences.
  4. Quantifies sequences to reflect current plant configurations; i.e., Risk Monitor feature.
VERN (Vertual Emergency Response Network)


  • EPEDAT早期地震被害予測ツール

  • Decision Tree 意思決定支援ツール

  • VERN 災害対応ネットワーク

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